We have more than twenty years’ experience of architectural book publishing, both in Europe as well as in North America, and have an in-depth understanding of the processes in the publishing world. We can provide guidance on finding an appropriate framework and format for your publication as well as advice on securing appropriate financing.

Editorial Direction

Based on our long-standing contacts we can quickly assemble a competent team of contributors or recommend a graphic designer as well as oversee the editorial direction of a planned publication. We can, for instance, turn an interview into a coherent piece of writing, compile requisite images and devise an appropriate concept for your architectural monograph, company brochure or scientific or technical manual.


In the realm of academic books in particular, authors need guidance in structuring and organizing content in an accessible way. How does one proceed from an idea for a publication to the printed book? We accompany you through the entire process, helping you to develop a coherent and convincing project outline, always with an eye on achieving a meaningful and viable end result.

Text Editing

Since 1989, we have worked actively as freelance editors primarily in the fields of architecture, landscape design and urban design. We are not afraid to undertake sometimes extensive copy-editing in the interests of clarifying a complex subject matter and producing a coherent and well-structured text that is accessible to a wider audience. If required, we can also proofread pageproofs for orthographic errors – in English and German – as well as address layout issues and ensure consistent style and presentation.

Project Management

Book production involves many players that need to be coordinated carefully in order to meet a publication deadline. Our network with two partners and other freelance editors means that we can take on projects with tight schedules, such as exhibition catalogues. We work together with many people who contribute to book productions, such as translators, graphic designers, printers and other book production companies, and can manage the entire organizational process of guiding a book to publication.


We can provide translations of professional texts from English or French into German. With more than twenty years’ experience of editing specialist texts and translations, we are fully aware of the typical problems and pitfalls of translations. We check each other’s work so that your translation is ready to go.