Project Management

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Commissioning, project management, copy-editing /

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Coordination of graphic design, support of image rights clarification /

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Commissioning, support for grant applications, initiation of press coverage and academic reviews /

Copy-editing (German and English)

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Fact-checking, research, copy-editing

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Proof-reading, development of cooperation model for the two publishers

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Coordination of contributors, support of rights clarification

Translations into German

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Translation with Alan Posener

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Translation, annotations

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Partial translation


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Copy-editing, advice on self-publishing and marketing /

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Advice on updating content, copy-editing /

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Copy-editing, advice on chapter structure /

Editorial Supervision

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Editorial consulting, copy-editing, proposal for revised chapter structure

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Copy-editing English and German, adaptation for integration in Birkhäuser database Building Types online

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English and German editions, management of enlarged edition, copy-editing, conceptual input

Editorial Coordination

Nolan Lushington, Wolfgang Rudorf, Liliane Wong, Libraries – A Design Manual, Basel: Birkhäuser, 2016

Development of book concept, commissioning contributors /

Michael Green, Jim Taggart, Tall Wood Buildings: Design, Construction and Performance. Second and Expanded edition, Basel: Birkhäuser, 2020

Coordination of two editions, support of presentation at conferences

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Partial translation and image selection, support of specific marketing efforts /